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Real world home-mover insights to supercharge your decision-making

AREA Data Platform

Unlock property investment potential with AREA Data Platform and mitigate risk

Unleash the power of advanced real estate analytics and diverse data sources to drive informed investment decisions, mitigate risks, and maximise returns in property development and investment ventures.

Build To Rent

Maximise Your Build To Rent Scheme's Asset Value And Maximum Yield With Competitor Insights

Unlock the full potential of Build To Rent schemes with strategic insights tailored for investors and operators including real-time competitor analysis. Maximise property asset value, occupancy rates and investment returns to stay ahead in today’s market.

High Net Worth

Identify the UK’s wealthiest households for precise targeting

Gain unparalleled access to the nation's most affluent households, enabling you to refine your luxury marketing strategies with precision and finesse. Our innovative approach ensures that your outreach is effective but also conducted with the utmost confidence and integrity.

Landlord Identification

Target prospects through best-in-class Landlord Identification

Harness targeted landlord engagement by identifying private, professional, and corporate landlord portfolios' locations. Access data on last letting agents, estimated tenancy renewal dates, and comprehensive property and landlord details. Enhance revenue generation and outperform competitors by grasping the professional landlord landscape, enabling increased instructions, market share, and overall letting and management book value.

On Market Prospecting

Get live market intelligence to accelerate action with On Market Prospecting

Access real-time market intelligence by monitoring property status changes, including failed instructions, time on market, agent changes, fallen through deals, and price reductions. Allocate resources efficiently and focus efforts on active property vendors looking to sell or rent their property

Pre Mover

Win Instructions Before Your Competition

Pre mover predicts when people will list their property for sale before they've even listed it - up to six months prior to them making a decision. It combines our best-in-class in-house real estate expertise with leading data science to make over 900,000 predictions every month and is a necessary tool for any professional in the real estate industry to identify and reach sellers ahead of the competition.

Home Mover

Target high intent Home Movers

Our propensity model calculates the likelihood for every household with certain trigger events to move within the next six months. If a property is listed, we can pinpoint the likelihood of it being sold within the next six months down to a week. Knowing which of your existing and target customers is likely to move – and when – means you can predict when they will need to engage with specific products and services so you can accurately target the right customers with the right products.

Propensity to Buy

Connect to financial qualified buyers with Propensity to Buy

We have the ability to utilise historic data and identify when someone is likely to buy property. By looking at every household in Britain and enriching that information with over 2,500 data points, we can accurately assess peoples financial readiness to move homes and pinpoint how to contact them enabling you to laser target these customers with tailored marketing strategies.

Vulnerability Index

Intelligent data to safeguard Financial Vulnerability

Becoming knowledgeable about vulnerable households and their circumstances is essential for success in the current economic climate. Outra can provide actionable intelligence within your organisation to identify and connect with your most in-need customers to comply with Consumer Duty regulations and in an empathetic way even before they need help.

Lead Enrichment

Automate and increase efficiency of leads

Many businesses have the name, address and email address of potential customers but we’re able to take that information and significantly enrich it to provide our customers with greater insight allowing for far more informed conversation to take place. Integrating seamlessly with any CRM tools, Lead Enrichment can significantly improve outbound marketing optimising what your sales teams undertake in terms of prioritisation.

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